Philosophy & Goals

The best education develops individual potential, and that is central to our ethos. By recognizing that every child is unique we are able to provide opportunities that allow each child to reach his or her maximum potential.

Spring Hill School is set apart by the individually-paced program of learning we offer to our students. Those students who show a natural aptitude or display a particular interest in a subject area are given the opportunity to stretch beyond the boundaries of their grade level. This accelerated approach allows students to advance above the level usually expected for their age but is not limited to the realms of academia. We advocate our students fulfill their potential whether it be academic or creative.

Our small class size allows the teacher and student to work together and set goals that can realistically be achieved. It also encourages students to forge strong classroom relationships and develop a sense of security while teachers gain an accurate insight into each child’s abilities and interests.


Our goals are to:


• Acknowledge the needs and abilities of each child and encourage him or her to be proud of his or her achievements.

• Offer students an accelerated and balanced curriculum.

• Support development through an individually-paced program

• Create an environment where children can feel free to be themselves.

• Enable students to see learning as a continuing process throughout life.

• Provide a safe, secure and caring environment built on honesty and respect for one another.

• Encourage the involvement of parents, business and the community as partners in the work of the school.

• Promote community and global awareness.

• Welcome and embrace diversity.



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Spring Hill School is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and welcomes donations and gifts. Donations are tax deductible. To make financial donations please click the PayPal button. To make in-kind donations, please call the school at (831) 427-2641