Spring Hill School is set apart by personalizing the educational process.



We believe the best education programs put kids needs and interests at the center.

Spring Hill School is set apart by what we call Individualized Education by Design. 

Our small class size allows the teacher and student to work together and set goals that can realistically be achieved. It also encourages students to forge strong classroom relationships and develop a sense of security while teachers gain an accurate insight into each child’s abilities and interests.


Our goal

  • For kids to LOVE to come to school!
  • For students to become tenacious learners, compassionate humanitarians, and walk with humble confidence.
  • To design educational programs that fit each child, including but not limited to acceleration, support, 21st century skills, and a broad array of options to fit their passions.
  • Acknowledge the needs and abilities of each child and encourage him or her to be proud of his or her achievements.
  • Offer students a balanced, personalized curriculum.
  • Create an environment where children can feel free to be themselves.
  • Welcome and embrace diversity.
  • Enable students to see learning as a continuing process throughout life.
  • Provide a safe, secure and caring environment built on honesty and respect for one another.
  • Encourage the involvement of parents, business and the community as partners in the work of the school.
  • Promote community and global awareness.
  • Create awareness and confidence in the areas of STEAM (science, technology,  engineering, art, and math).