We are very excited to present the next STEAM Day at Spring Hill.  This Friday's focus will be on building bridges! Students will learn about three different types of bridges: beam, truss, and suspension.  We will also be focusing on the forces that need to be considered to build a bridge that can withstand "significant" load. 

Our Driving Question for Friday's STEAM Day: What design style of bridge can withstand the greatest load and how is that load dispensed throughout and across that bridge?

Our schedule for the day will be to start with our regular Friday schedule, periods 1 and 2.  Students will go to math 3rd period, and midway through we will begin our intro to bridges and design, giving kids the info they need to start designing and building the bridge of their choice after lunch.  And then the building begins! Towards the middle of 5th period, students will be testing their prototypes to see which bridge answers our driving question.  Our STEAM day ends with a celebration of the bridges that best withheld varying loads, and an ending assembly to introduce our next Superflex character and social skills theme for the week.  This will be an exciting STEAM experience!